Neighbors Helping Neighbors 

How it works

Volunteer or Request Help

Fill out the form to receive help or to request help with chores around the house.

Background Check

City of West Burlington will run a background check on the individuals who sign up to receive help as well as the individuals who give help.

Pair Help

City of West Burlington will pair individuals needing help with individuals who are willing to help.

The City of West Burlington is offering a program intended to assist seniors and people with disabilities with chores such as shoveling snow and cutting grass. To be eligible, an individual must reside in West Burlington, be over the age of 60 and/or have a disability. This program is for people who are not physically able to perform these tasks and do not have other resources to perform such tasks, such as neighbors, friends or a hired service.

City staff will do our best to match those requesting services with local volunteers. We will perform a background check upon receiving these applications.

This program will only be able to operate if the volunteer capacity exists to support the service.