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Identity Theft

The West Burlington Police Department along with the FTC want to protect you, the citizen, against identity theft. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. Approximately 15 million United States residents have their Identities used fraudulently each year. If you suspect you have been a victim of Identity theft please contact this department and file a report immediately.

Additional Steps

Victims are also encouraged to notify the three major credit reporting agencies and place a security freeze on your credit file. This will help protect you against and further damage or victimization.

Social Security Number compromised?

Social Security Administration


How can I protect myself or my child?

Additional information on how to protect yourself or your child from becoming a victim in the first
place or steps for repairing from identity theft please visit the FTC's Website at https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/topics/privacy-identity


Can a Monitoring Service Prevent Identity Theft?

Identity theft protection services can help you monitor your accounts. They can place fraud alerts or freezes on your credit reports or remove your name from marketing mailing lists. Many people find it valuable and convenient to pay a company to keep track of their financial accounts, credit reports, and personal information. Other people choose to do this on their own for free. Before you pay for a service, evaluate it and its track record before you pay any fees.

Identity theft protection companies may help you:

  • lock,” “flag,” or freeze your credit reports
  • place a fraud alert or credit freeze on your reports
  • renew or update your alerts or freezes automatically

An identity theft victim can place a fraud alert or renewal for free.

Some companies, including consumer reporting companies, offer subscriptions to credit monitoring services. These services track your credit report, and generally send you an email about recent activity, like an inquiry or new account. The more frequent or more detailed the report, the more expensive the service.

Some companies offer services to help you rebuild your identity after a theft. Typically, you give these services a limited power of attorney, which lets them to act on your behalf when dealing with consumer reporting companies, creditors, or other information sources.

Many companies offer additional services, including removing your name from mailing lists or pre-screened offers of credit or insurance, representing your legal interests, “guaranteeing” reimbursement in the event you experience a loss due to identity theft, or helping you track down whether your personal information has been exposed online.

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